Grief & Attachment

Learning to Let Go: Coping with Reunification Anxiety

From the moment a child enters your home, the fear of reunification can also move in. How will you say goodbye? Will the child be returning to a safe and stable environment? How will the other kids in your care react when this child leaves? The first goal of foster care is often reunification. And, while you may have known that this was the goal from the start, that doesn’t mean that, when the time comes to say goodbye, anxiety can’t happen. Reunification anxiety can happen to anyone, but un

Building the Bonds of Attachment

Attaching to a new caregiver can be hard for some children who enter foster care or who have been adopted. This may be because of past hurtful or traumatic experiences; or perhaps there was some disconnect with a primary caregiver. At times attachment simply comes slowly. At other times attachment issues can become so intense or attachment is so lacking that there is cause for concern. Understanding attachment can also provide your family with a road map toward a stronger relationship and positi

The Challenges of Foster Care: Grief and Loss

Being a foster parent has many rewards. There also can be some experiences of grief and loss when a child moves from your home for the parent, the child, and any other children in the home. This tip sheet identifies some of the different circumstances when children move, the grieving process, and how to manage these emotional experiences.

What Grief Looks Like for Children & Youth in Foster Care

The role of a caregiver and foster parent is a significant one with many responsibilities. This tip sheet has information and suggestions to help give foster parents new ways to understand, support, and guide the children in their care through feelings of grief, loss, and sadness.

Is It Grief? Why Challenging Behavior May be Signs of Grieving

Certainly, there can be any number of reasons why a child or youth may be acting out, but absent a precipitating factor or obvious trigger, it may be helpful to consider that your child may be grieving.

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