How To's for Youth

Cyberbullying Social Networking, and You

In addition to some straight forward tips about internet issues that concern all of us, this tip sheet also has a good glossary of terms, some reminders about passwords and security, and some tips on how to help friends who are getting bullied.

Furnishing Your First Apartment

Furnishing Your First Apartment not only includes some tips about making your first apartment warm and inviting, but also has some practical tips on roommates, money, moving your stuff and a very comprehensive checklist of items that you will probably need when you first get started.

Food, Glorious Food! Nutrition & Cooking for Kids Leaving Care

In addition to some basic nutrition information, this tip sheet gives some ideas for what to cook, what you need in your kitchen and a list of “12 Shopping Tips.”

Planning Your Career

Planning Your Career is a four-page tip sheet that offers information about kinds of careers, career assessment tools, how school guidance counselors can assist you. It also has information regarding job corps and the military.

Your Voice Matters: Speaking Out by Speaking Up

This tip sheet includes information about what is advocacy and how to go about doing it and includes some tips on assertiveness vs. aggressiveness and figuring out works best for you and your style of advocacy. It also has a list of several ways to get involved in advocacy.

Seeing a Therapist

This tip sheet covers 7 myths that some people have about therapy, including: • Seeing a therapist means I'm crazy. • Being in therapy is a sign of weakness. It takes • You can fix yourself alone. • The counselor magically changes you. A counselor is • Therapists are all the same. • The rest of the world doesn’t have any problems. • It is your fault if you have a mental illness. This tip sheet also has personal insight and artwork from a former youth in care.

Bullying Hurts Everyone

Bullying Hurts Everyone gives an overview of why bullies are the way they are, what you can do if you’re being bullied, what to do if you see someone else being bullied, and what to do if you are bullying others.

Coping with Anger

Coping With Anger has some straight forward tips including, • Know your triggers • Blow off steam • Write it out • Draw it out • Do something that you love or enjoy • Talk it out • Get help There’s also a helpful sidebar on communication tips.

You are Not Alone: The Sad Truth about Having a Parent in Prison

This tip sheet focuses on the feelings that go along with having a parent in prison and does a good job of emphasizing that it’s not your fault your parent is in prison. It also has some practical ideas for having contact with your parent and what to expect when a parent is back in the community again.

Keys to Independence: Finding Your First Apartment

This tip sheet contains practical advice on budgets, household expenses, where to look for an apartment, and reviewing a lease. There’s a separate sidebar with 10 questions to ask a potential landlord.

Sharing Your Story

Sharing Your Story focuses on why a person in the foster care should share his or her story, who to share your story with, and what and what not to share. There’s additional information about a DVD the Youth Advisory Council made to give to legislators, which can be a powerful tool for advocacy.

Is this Love? Teen Dating Violence

Young people between the ages of 16 to 24 are at the highest risk for dating violence. One in five teens in a serious relationship report having been hit, slapped, or pushed by a partner, and physically or sexually abused. This tip sheet discusses four types of violence: • Controlling behaviors • Verbal and emotional abuse • Physical abuse • Sexual abuse It also discusses your rights and what to do if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

How to Ace Your Job Interview

This tip sheet discusses important documents you’ll need to get a job, how to dress for the interview, the importance of being prepared, positive and punctual, and what to do at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the interview.

Tips for Filling Out a Job Application Form

This tip sheet goes over the basics of filling out a job application as well as some other practical advice.

Financial Aid Awareness and Assistance

Finding a way to afford post-secondary education can be an intimidating process. However, planning your financial options can be easier if you do your research and talk with others about your options. The good news is there are a variety of financial options and resources for your review and consideration, and this tip sheet will help get you started.

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money covers a lot of information, including saving, credit, basic needs, and has some advice from former youth in care involved in Wisconsin’s Youth Advisory Council.

Who Am I? Exploring Your Sexuality

As a youth in foster care, you may have worries, questions, and confusion about family, school, relationships, health, sex, and even sexual identity. This tip sheet may help you find answers to lingering questions you might have and will provide resources for support and further education.

Life Books: A Creative and Fun Way to Express Yourself

A life book is all about you! Regardless of how little or how much information you have about your life story, your past, and your history, a life book can help you tell – and possibly share- your story with friends and members of your support network. Learn how to locate, collect, and save special memories and keepsakes all about you.

School and Career Choices

Making decisions about continuing education or what kind of work you want to do as an adult can sometimes seem overwhelming; but they don’t have to be. Career assessment can tell you a lot about yourself and help you identify your unique strengths, interests, and values. This tip sheet will direct you to career assessment resources and will provide further information about ongoing education.

Great! You Got a Job! Now What?

Getting the job is just step one! This tip sheet will help walk you through your first few days and give you some tips for success throughout your working life.

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