Families who are formed through adoption may, at times, need assistance. When you do need help, there are supports and resources available specifically for adoptive families.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families funds six Post Adoption Resource Centers to perform the following services:

  • Provide education, training, and support to adoptive families and professionals living in the identified service area.
  • Improve community awareness of adoption by promoting a positive image of adoption and an increased understanding of the unique issues facing adoptive families.
  • Host adoption celebrations.
  • Provide adoption-related publications including books, videos, and audiotapes.
  • Provide easily accessible information by maintaining an Internet website and toll-free phone service.
  • Make referrals to service providers, support groups, and medical resources as applicable.
  • Make adoption-related events known to interested parties as requested and post events on the Internet.

The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families operates the southeastern Wisconsin PARC and the Milwaukee County PARC. For more information about the Coalition and our family of programs, please visit www.coalitionforcyf.org.