Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. Families formed through adoption are different from families formed by birth. The differences are neither fully positive nor fully negative, but they can add richness and challenges, sometimes simultaneously.

All families can benefit from special services to help them through difficult times; however, families formed through adoption sometimes find that their unique needs go beyond the general parenting information offered in the community. That is where Wisconsin’s Post Adoption Resource Centers, or PARCs, can help.

Each PARC serves a specific area of the state and focuses on families in many ways, including:

  • Improving community awareness about adoption.
  • Promoting a positive image of adoption and an increased understanding of the unique issues facing adoptive families, especially among public and private human service providers, schools, and medical providers, to enable these professionals to better serve adoptive families.
  • Increasing the availability of services for adoptive families.
  • Providing referral services for respite care, crisis intervention, legal help, family counseling, support groups related to adoption, Title XIX service providers, and planning for the transition of an adopted child into adulthood. We may also be able to help locate resources for after school and/or day care needs.

We invite you to click on the interactive map to learn more about your local PARC. Here are some examples of services that your PARC may provide:

  • Conferences and retreats focusing on preparing and enhancing knowledge to better work with adoptive and foster children, as well as opportunities to network with others touched by adoption and foster care.
  • Adoption celebrations and/or family fun events to bring adoptive families together.
  • A lending library with resources including books, video and audio materials, as well as articles and curricula.
  • Websites with post-adoption links and resources.
  • A newsletter featuring post-adoption articles, information, and upcoming events.

To learn even more about Wisconsin’s Post Adoption Resource Centers, watch this short video!